An alleged drug dealer is caught on tape brutally punching a female opioid addict, after she allegedly "stole" from the trap house. The entire incident was live-streamed on social media to thousands of people..

The video - which is reportedly from Charlotte - shows a man who is described as a "drug dealer" beating up a woman that is described as an "opioid addict." The incident took place inside an alleged trap-house.

But the video was VERY difficult for many to watch. It showed a large male, putting on boxing gloves. And then the large man began pummeling the woman - who appeared to be inebriated.

The video has already been shared more than a million times. 

MTO News contacted the local Charlotte police, and sent a link of the video to them. So far, they have not commented on whether an investigation is underway.

Here is the link to the video: