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Drug Dealers Create New WEED STRAIN . . . Named After Sha’Carri Richardson

American champion Sha’Carri Richardson won't be running in the Olympic 100-meter race, but she may have a very lucrative future in selling marijuana. That's because MTO News has learned that drug dealers across the country are selling a new "Sha’Carri Pack", and it's moving like hot cakes.

Here's the pack:


The pack, which sells for between $10 and $20 and bears Sha’Carri's face - is apparently a new strain of weed that's extra potent and hits you fast.

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The American champion tested positive for a chemical found in marijuana, and was banned from the Olympic 100m event

Sha’Carri, who won the 100 at Olympic trials in 10.86 seconds on June 19, explained what happened on the “Today” show. She tested positive at the Olympic trials and so her result is erased. Fourth-place finisher Jenna Prandini is expected to get Richardson’s spot in the 100.

Richardson accepted a 30-day suspension that ends July 27, which would be in time to run in the women’s relays. USA Track and Field has not disclosed plans for the relay.