Drug Dealer Business Booming In Quarantine After Stimulus Checks!


The entire United States economy seems to be in a recession. But the drug dealing business is booming, MTO News has learned.

According to multiple news reports, drug dealers across the country are noticing a huge spike in business, since the quarantine started. And now that the federal stimulus checks are beginning to arrive - business is getting even better.

The website CentralTrack.com recently interviewed a half-dozen drug dealers in Dallas, Texas - on the condition of anonymity - and they all reported spikes in sales since Dallas County first announced its shelter-in-place order on March 22.

And they're not the only media source reporting the uptick. BuzzFeed recently released a report showing that there has been a national increase in marijuana sales - both in legal and illegal markets.

One Dallas-based dealer told Central Track that he's seeing more than double his usual sales during the lockdown.

Here's what they reported:

The dealers Central Track spoke with report across-the-board sales increases, regardless of whether they dabble in sales of uppers, downers or both. Status reports range from “actually going pretty well” and “better than it had been before” to “booming” with reported sales increases of 50 percent or higher.