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Dave Chappelle's newest Netflix special Sticks & Stones is ruffling a few feathers, and Dream Hampton joins the growing line of critics to call him out.

Hampton was one of the producers for the six-part docuseries which emboldened the #muterkelly movement and led to several indictments against the disgraced star.

Chappelle claims that Hampton asked him to take part in the doc, but Chappelle said no because he did not have any close contact with Kelly.

Dream responded to his claims via her Twitter account:

"Quick fact check: I didn't personally (or casually) invite Chappelle to be interviewed for the doc. The producer responsible for celeb outreach officially asked him, more than once. I haven't seen or talked to him in about 8 years. Weird he told his joke that way," she wrote.

"I also, obviously, didn't need Chapelle to talk about R. Kelly personally. I wanted him to talk about the two pieces of cultural criticism he produced about R. Kelly for the Chapelle show. I also have never in my life said the words "too hot for tv," because, B*tch, that's not how I sound," she continued.

"There is nothing more radical—or necessary, than comedy that takes on power. An actual brave and brilliant comic can collapse regimes and shift culture in ways nothing and no one else can. I hope someone emerges... No, I wasn't trying to just invite "anybody" that "would possibly say something bad about R Kelly" I asked our producer T. Farris to invite him on because [Dave Chappelle] already "said" this [link to Comedy Central's "Piss On You" YouTube video] This really isn't rocket science...," Hampton stated, adding, "I a) care about Black girls b) don't think abusing as many Black girls as R Kelly did happens without many, many people refusing to speak up about it. If that's hilarious, then awesome, thanks for coming to my Netflix special."