Draya Michelle Shows Off Her POST PREGNANCY BODY . . . She Lost ALL The Pregnancy Weight . . . But Still Has Her PREGNANCY LINE On Her Stomach!! (CLOSE UP PICS)


Draya Michelle showed off her post-pregnancy boy, and she looks AMAZING. She and her fiance, NFL star Orlando Scandrict had their first boy together a month ago.

Yesterday Draya proudly showed off her belly. You would NEVER be able to tell that she just gave birth, except by her pregnancy line, or linea negra.

The pregnancy line is a natural part of pregnancy. The specific cause of the linea nigra is unknown, but it is believe to be related to the changing hormones or the imbalance of hormones as a result of your developing baby. One theory is that melanocyte-stimulating hormone created by the placenta is the main contributing factor. This hormone is also believe to cause the darkening around the nipples.

There is nothing you can do to prevent the pregnancy line. It is a natural part of pregnancy. The good news is that it usually lessens and fades away shortly after the birth of the baby.