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Draya Michele shocked her fans over the Christmas holiday by revealing that she is currently single and has been for a few months.

Draya was previously in a relationship with NFL player, Orlando Scandrick, for six years (with a break-up or two in between) and the two were at one point engaged. They also have a son together.

"I have been single for the entire month of December," the former Basketball Wives star wrote via her Instagram Story. "So if anyone has anything to say about me or the guy I used to be engaged to, save it. We don't care."

During an interview with Just The Sip in October, Draya also revealed why she decided to turn her back on the show, Basketball Wives, once and for all.

"Basketball Wives has this stereotype of these angry Black women, and I feel like more than just Black people watch it. People who aren't familiar with Black culture take that and they think that is what they are. I feel really, really bad that I was a part of that and contributed to that," she said. 

"Black women, we're queens. We're so much more than arguing with each other over stupid stuff. I never want people think I'm this aggressive Black woman because I'm not. I'm aggressive when it comes to my work and my business, but I'm not like a try to fight you in the streets [type]. I feel like that show gave me that. I got pushed like to the limit where I had to bark back."