Draya From Basketball Shows Off Her BIKINI BODY . . . She Still Looks Like TWEETY BIRD!!

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Basketball Wives star, model and actress Draya Michele was pictured in a sexy bathing suit as she did a photo shoot on the beach in Miami Beach. The 33-year-old looked great while showing off her very curvy body.

Draya made her name on social media - showing bikini pics and fighting with fans. She also as you know was a star on reality TV show "Basketball Wives" for a few seasons.

 Many have suggested that she bears a striking resemblance to the Warner Bros cartoon character Tweety Bird. A lot of men appreciate Draya's body because its not overboard like the Blac Chyna's, Kim K's, and others with allegedly artificial parts.


Draya is a mother of two and is currently engaged to NFL footballer Orlando Scandrick, who just signed a deal with the Washington Redskins. She has previously been linked to Chris Brown. 

Draya owns her own swimsuit line called "Mint Swim" so we're sure she probably has a ton of bikinis. She said that she started the business after she saved up $12,000 "of her own money." She claims that the brand is for the woman who 'wants to feel sexy and enhance all the right curves while staying fashionable. I started with four styles of swimsuits and from there, things just grew via social media' according to Refinery29.

You should be seeing Draya on your screens again as she also has a featured role in the post-production crime drama All In. Draya previously starred in the drama True To The Game based on the book of the same name by Teri Woods that was released in September.