DRAMA!!! Woman Tells Babys Father On Twitter . . . She's F**KING HIS BARBER!!

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There's a lot of drama going on social media these days. And yesterday - the best drama took place on Twitter.

It all started when a man named "Humble Slim" posted a condescending statement on Twitter about women falling in love.

Well his baby's mother "Poundcake" must have been in her feelings about something, because she immediately started going IN ON HIM.

Here's how the conversation started:


Did you see her last comment - "As real as the custody battle I'm about to win!" Now that's cold blooded.

But Poundcake wasn't finished with her alleged deadbeat babys father. He started begging her to stop exposing him, and she continued the onslaught.


WOOOW . . . Poundcake replaced him with his barber. She's OUT OF THIS WORLD.