Drake received the best gift that a father can get from his toddler son - handmade art. Drake's one year old son Adonis gave his dad some art that he created.

And Drake was so happy and proud of his first born, that he posted a pic of the present on social media. You could tell by Drake's comments, that he was gushing with pride.

Here's a pic of Drake's gift:


Drake and Adonis' mother Sophie have fixed their fractured relationship over the last year. A year ago, Sophie was accusing the Toronto rapper of being a "deadbeat" father.

But Drake has bent over backwards, to fix their relationship. And according to one person close to Drizzy - he and Sophie have a "healthy co-parenting relationship."

So healthy, in fact, that Adonis is flying to Toronto to spend time with his father in January.

Oh - and BTW - Adonis gets his painting skills from his mother. In addition to being a model, she's also a classically trained artist:

As previously reported, Drake's latest post comes only months after Pusha-T revealed the artist was "hiding" a child on his venomous diss track "The Story of Adidon." Drake later addressed the rumor on multiple songs off of his 2018 studio album, Scorpion. He discussed his rocky relationship with his son and the mother of his child on songs like "Emotionless" and "March 14." He later accused Kanye West of telling Pusha-T about his son in order to aid the rapper in his ongoing rap beef.

Aside from the drama regarding his feud with Pusha or his broken friendship with Kanye, it seems that Drake and his family are continuing to build a strong relationship.