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Drake's going viral this weekend, after releasing his new song 'WAR', where he raps using a UK drill flow.

Well MTO News spoke with a hip hop insider who told us that the new song - is all about Drake's violent and deadly beef with The Weeknd.

We know what you're thinking - when was Drake and The Weeknd's beef "violent' or "deadly." Well it was.

Drake and The Weeknd had a split two years ago - and each artist was backed by a violent Toronto gang. The gangs went to war, and multiple people were killed over it.

Toronto is one of the most violent cities in North America - last weekend alone 7 people were shot.

In the song War, Drake shouts out people like Baka, Gillastein, Sticks, and others. MTO News has confirmed that these people are known for being The Weeknd's and Drake's goons. 

By shouting out both sides, Drake is basically saying that there is peace between his killers and the Weeknd's. That's good news because the beef had boiled to the point where it got violent. 

The line, "to me that's just our side..." is a reference to The Weeknd's subliminal diss to him on the song 'Price On My Head' in which he brags about Drake's goons switching sides and joining him. 

In the music video for The Weeknd's Price On My Head, there is a scene where one of Drake's supposed goons "Gillastein" appears in a short cameo exactly when The Weeknd say "niggas on your side will ride for me too". This means The Weeknd was also most likely referring to Drake as the person who put a price on his head.

Also, Drake shouted out many goons on this drill song.

Some of the notable mentions:

Baka - "That's Baka, he's a no long talka, quick to let the motherfucking TEC slam". He was sentenced for sex trafficking, is Drake's self proclaimed goon, met Drake through P Reign. 

Chubbs - "Just like Chubbs did Detail.." His loyalty to Drake is strong. He also has ties to the streets and was even willing to break Detail's (music producer) jaw for Drake. He is a well known bodyguard for Drake.

Gillastein/Preme - "If Gilla calls shots no question, G way till I'm resting"

Two brothers that started the Reps Up gang which Chubbs and others are from. They are also from the streets and have criminal records.

Sticks - The Weeknd's shooter

Pressa - charged with kidnapping and forcing the victim to play Russian roulette and perform sexual acts with no consent, he also has gang ties

TV Gucci - "TV Gucci got my back" - Drake, No Stylist. Another one of Drake's lesser known goons.