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Drake and his GF, a beautiful model named Nik, are pretty serious - she got his name tatted on her arm.

Last month, Drake dropped $50K on a gift for Nik - he bought her a diamond drip Richard Mille watch. Drake got himself a matching watch.

And now Nik gave Drake a gift. She doesn't have the money to buy Drake a monetary gift, so she gave him the gift of her body.

Yesterday Nik unveiled her latest tattoo, which is of the name Aubrey on her wrist. The same wrist that she usually wears the $50K watch on.

MTO News confirmed that Drake and Nik are dating, and our snitch in Drake's camp tell us that the two are EXCLUSIVE.

The insider told MTO News, "This is the first time that I've ever seen Drake with one girl only. She may be the one."

Here are pics of Nik's tattoo:


Here are pics of the watch:


And here's Nik: