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Drake's New Album Is SAVAGE . . . Goes At Pusha . . . Kanye .  . Kim K . . . NO ONE IS SPARED!!!


Drake is going at Pusha T, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian on his new album Scorpion.

MTO News got EXCLUSIVE insight into Drake's new album SCORPION - which is being released this Friday. We spoke with a producer who was AT A RECORDING SESSION, and they spilled the tea - on the level of SAVAGERY that will be on Drake's new album.

The insider told MTO News - Drake is about that action. He responds to Pusha, but it's not just Pusha. The insider explained ,"It's about that n*gga Kanye who put a battery in his back."

According to our insider Drake believes that KANYE put Pusha up to saying the DISRESPECTFUL things in his track The Life Of Adidon. The insider explains, "Kanye had him do that record to get shine for [Kanye's] new album."

And Drake is going to take out his VENGEANCE on Kanye and his wife Kim. The insider claims that most of the SHOTS on Drake's new album are aimed at Kanye and Kim, not Pusha. He explained, "Kanye's gets it worse than Pusha, and his wife [Kim] gets it too."

 We're told to expect "UTTER SAVAGERY" on Drake's new album and "A LOT OF HITS."

And it looks like Drake already fired his first shot. Drake already purchased a banner in NYCs Times Square - promoting the new album with the phrase “Fashion week is more your thing than mine.”