Drake may have a new step-mother son, that's almost a decade younger than him.

Rapper Drake's Father, Dennis Graham was spotted with a mystery woman while outside Poppy Nightclub in West Hollywood.

When asked who the woman was, Dennis did not respond - but he did mention that the new girl is 25 years old.

Here are the pics of Drake's possible future step-mother:


Dennis has been mentioned frequently in his son Drake's music. On "Uptown," a track on his mixtape So Far Gone, Drake raps: 

*Damn, where I get it from? These niggas always wonder who* Then they meet my pop and tell him, "Drake is just a younger you"

Later in the EP, Drake mentions Dennis again on "The Calm":

Hoping Western Union doing currency exchange Cause my dad called and got me feeling guilty and ashamed ... So I'm filling out the form from the counter once again He say he love me, I just hope he doesn't say that shit in vain

On "Fireworks," the first song on Drake's first studio album Thank Me Later , he references Dennis's past: 

My dad called me up knowing that I still listen And he’s still got his foot out, guilt trippin’ It’s been years, though, I just learn to deal with it

On "Two Birds, One Stone," Drake raps:

My dad used to use a soap bar 'til it's thinnin' out But, shit, look at Dennis now All Stacy Adams and linnen'd out More blessings for Sandy and him, more life My parents never got it right But God bless 'em both, I think we all alike We all wide awake late at night, thinking on what to change If we do get to do it twice in another life