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Drake's father claims that he used to be a PIMP. Well he may not be "pimping" anymore, it looks like he still knows how to get young women to join his team.

Dennis Graham was seen last night leaving Delilah Nightclub with a car full of women. 4 women to be exact. And he seems to have all races covered - one girl was black, another White, another Latina, and the last one an Exotical.

It doesn't seem like Drake will be having a Step Mom anytime soon, because this man is not looking to be tied down.


Drake got his musical genius from his father. Dennis learned how to play drums by banging the tin round tubs that people used to take baths in. He eventually got his first set of drums from James Brown 's drummer after making him give Graham his set.

After gaining a name as the top drummer in Memphis, Tennessee - Dennis eventually became a drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis.

As Drake took the hip-hop world by storm, Dennis, a lifelong traveling musician with an air of old school cool and a few stories of his own, began showing up in the rapper’s public life—partying with him at a Miami strip club, featuring in the music video for his hit Worst Behavior—but if certain of his son’s lyrics are to be believed, dad wasn’t always so present. Regardless, they’re simpatico now, and if Dennis suggests he’s the progenitor of Drake’s talent or showmanship, he also readily admits that he’s reaping the benefits of his son’s success. He knows that his hundred thousand followers, his TMZ coverage, and his spot on the guestlist are thanks to the fact that a measure of Drake’s fame seems to have rubbed off on him. And to be fair, he wears it well.