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Drake's Babys Mama Was DEPORTED From The U.S. . . . Banned From RETURNING!!


MTO News learned that Drake's babys mama Sophie Brusseax was DEPORTED from the United States - and banned from returning for at least five years.

The news was broken by Sophie's former agent, Mr A. List. He wrote the following:

I haven't spoken to Sophie since she got deported.

I'm not airing out anyone's personal sexual dirt. [Sophie] asked me to make her famous enough to sell her art and get on reality TV. Since she had a master's degree and came here with a nanny visa from France I figured why not help her. It was strictly business.

Sophie NEVER did porn.. She was facing deportation and needed to make some cash. The [videograoher] lied to her about not showing the nudity during the vixen video and illegally made a soft porn video.

I will NOT say anything bad about her personally. Yes I put her in the industry. Yes I named her.

Lastly this Industry has MANY secrets. Let her and Drake be...

According to current law,  a person who was deported from the United States cannot apply for a new immigrant visa, nonimmigrant visa, adjustment of status, or other admission to the United States without complying with certain legal restrictions

For starters, the person is BANNED from returning for a period of time (five, ten, or 20 years) before applying for reentry. Given President Trump's new policy on CHILDREN of immigrants - it's not clear that Drake's SON can re-enter the US either.

So Drake's not going to be able to see his babys mama for a LOOONG time.