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Drake's Baby Mama Releases Makeup Free Pics . . . And The Internet Goes CRAZY!!


Drake's baby mother Sophie Brusseaux released some pics of her face without makeup, and the internet went crazy with comments. Drake and Sophie have a beautiful one year old son named Adonis. The two have been working in French and US courts to work out a a custody and visitation agreement.

But Sophie is out here living her best life, as she collects child support payments from the best rapper of this era. And yesterday she posted pics of herself - that caused Drake's fans on the internet to go hard.

Reports say that Brussaux claimed to have texts from Drake, asking her to get an abortion. Drake denies claims that the baby is his, and a rep for him claimed that if the baby was his, he would "do right by the child".

Here are some of the comments that people made about Sophie:

Her face looks like the bottom of someone's foot

We feel so sorry for Adonis, he's going to have either Drake's nose or her nose.

When I saw the pics I jumped back from my computer screen. She truly looks frightening.


As you know Sophie previously worked as an adult actress under the pseudonym Rosee Divine. Brussaux has since retired from the adult entertainment industry, but is still known for her signature... (ass)ets.

Since leaving adult entertainment, Brussaux has pursued a career in art. Her works are bright and vibrant. She has even exhibited in major art cities like New York and Milan.