Drake To EXPOSE Pusha T . . . For CHEATING ON FIANCE!! (First CASUALTY Of War)

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MTO News just got word that Drake and his team may have enough information - to virtually END rapper Pusha Ts engagement with his fiance Virginia.

We learned that Drake has obtained information - including photographs - that confirm that Pusha T was cheating on his fiance Virginia FOR YEARS. According to our reporting, Pusha and the side chick were together for MANY years while he and Virginia were together.

The insider explained, "Pusha T and a Brooklyn girl named Aida cheated for years. That's his side chick, and Virginia didn't know" The insider continued, "The sad thing is that Pusha lied to both of them, telling them both that he would marry them."

We're told that Virginia does NOT know about Pusha T's transgressions. But she's about to find out ALL ABOUT IT - and so will her entire family.

MTO News confirmed that Drake has ALL THE INFO NECESSARY - to ruin Pusha T's life. And this comes at a time when Drake is writing his COMEBACK DISS TRACK.

As you know the beef is in full swing after Pusha released a diss track on Tuesday evening called "The Story of Adidon." Pusha’s track also accused Drake of hiding a son that he supposedly has with a porn star. And the song’s cover features a photo of Drake in blackface makeup that Pusha claimed hasn’t been digitally altered in a tweet Tuesday.

This long-running bad blood goes back to a conflict in 2006 between Drake mentor Lil Wayne and Pusha-T’s duo, Clipse, over Wayne wearing Clipse’s favored BAPE brand of gear on a cover of Vibe magazine. Then Pusha-T and Drake threw jabs in 2012’s “Exodus 23:1” and 2013’s “Tuscan Leather,” respectively.

We can't WAIT to see how this plays out.