Drake is taking his feud with Golden States Warriors star Draymond Green to new heights, proving that the "rap god" truly has no bounds when he's in the trenches of warfare.

Last night, Drake began following Draymond Green's beautiful fiancé and daughters mother Hazel. The handsome hip hop star stealthily started following the beauty on Instagram, with no fanfare or announcement.

Why would he want to follow an engaged woman? Possibly to throw her man off his game. Draymond is preparing to play the Toronto Raptors in the NBA finals tomorrow.

Draymond is engaged to the beautiful model/reality star Hazel Renee, and the two appear to be happy.

But Drake has a way with women, and so Draymond can't be all that comfortable with the playboy rapper thirsting behind his fiancé.

Here's a screenshot taken from Drake's Instagram, showing the people he's following.


Here's Draymond and Drake going at it after Thursday night's NBA Finals game:

Here's Draymond talking about his "scuffle" with Drake: