Drake and Rihanna are a couple again, according to multiple people who are close to them.

From steamy collaborations to public outings, Rihanna and Drake have toyed with fans’ emotions for many years, constantly sparking speculation as to what the status of the pair’s mysterious relationship or friendship is.

The term “just friends” has come up often when Rihanna and Drake have been coaxed into discussing their relationship. But in a new profile for Vogue, Rihanna shattered the hearts of those pining for the “Work” collaborators to be together because, according to the singer, they’re no longer friends.

Nearly two years ago, Drake stood up on the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards stage to present Rihanna with the Video Vanguard Award and professed his love for the Anti singer for all the world to hear.

Just two years ago, Drake and Rihanna were the "it" couple of the music world. At the time both artists were at the peak of their pop star fame and it looked like they were headed for a serious relationship.

According to reports though, the relationship soon fizzled out because Drake cheated on Rihanna with multiple women.

Rihanna eventually DROPPED her Canadian lover - and started dating Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel.

Now according to folks close to Rihanna - she and Hassan have split - and she is now back with Drake!

And yes there are "receipts" for this - namely that they have been sharing clothes lately. 

For the past few weeks, every time Drake wears an outfit - Rihanna pops up wearing the same outfit a few days later.

Here are the images - from the Drake and Rihanna fan sites - which originally got the rumors going:

Drake and Rihanna are both in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this weekend for the Shawn Carter foundation gala. Hopefully we'll get a pic of the new couple.