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Fans of Drake will be happy to learn that the Canadian rapper is currently in the studio working hard on his new album.

Drizzy attended the Toronto Raptors versus Phoenix Suns, where he was interviewed and shared the news.

"I'm out here, I'm working hard, you know. I'm tucked away trying to finish an album," he shared. "My last album was high volume. I had to sorta like -- Notorious B.I.G. put this album out, and the ratio of songs versus just important songs was so incredible that I wanted to set a challenge myself, you know. I hate to age myself, but I been doing this 10 plus years as well. Sometimes you gotta set a little target goal for yourself to keep it interesting." 

But Drake is warning his fans that this album will not be a lengthy project like his last offering, "Anywhere, whatever you want, it can be 10, 11, 16. I also do a lot of different types of music so it's tough to make it like a seven-song album or something like that. Yea, I'm having a lot of fun right now making music."