Drake Offered To FIGHT Kanye One-On-One  . . . But Kanye Was TOO SCARED!!!

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The Drake and Kanye West beef nearly turned PHYSICAL, according to a TOP MTO NEWS source. Drake was so upset with Kanye and the subtle jabs that he was taking over the years. So Drake offered to SHOOT THE FADE with Kanye West.

According to MTO News insider, "Drake told Kanye that he would go over to his house, and they could have a fair one-on-one fight." The insider continued, "No cameras, just a fade with no hard feelings afterwards."

Our insider explained, "Drake wanted to beat Kanye's azz so that he could get some respect."

But Kanye was AFRAID and told Drake that he would CALL POLICE if Drake ever pulled up to his house.

If you listen closely to Drake and Kanye's album - the two ADMIT to this happening - on Kanye's No Mistakes and then Drake's 8 out of 10.

Kanye says "believe it or not, I'm too rich to fight you, truth is I like you...calm down light skin"

Drake " too rich for who, ya'll just got rich again? Who likes to take the mic and likes to kill they friends?"