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Drake Made Kanye CHANGE ALBUM . . . After Pusha T Diss!! ('Removed Collab Track')


MTO News confirmed that Drake has been doing a lot of stuff BEHIND THE SCENES - to go at Pusha T and Kanye West. One of the first things that he did was to FORCE Kanye to make last minute changes to his new album.

According to our TOP SNITCH - Drake and Kanye had collaborated on the song Wouldn't Leave - along with Travis Scott. And from what we hear - it was set to be the BEST SONG ON THE ALBUM.

MTO News' OVO insider explains, "Kanye is such a dumb f*ck. That was going to be the best track on the album. But he's jealous of Drake so he had to get his sucka friend Pusha T to go at Drake."

After Pusha dropped his "Life Of Addidon" diss, Drake's lawyers told Kanye he was NO LONGER allowed to release the track. Kanye had to re-record it.

We heard the song - and it was BY FAR better than anything on Kane's album.

Here's receipts for those who need extra proof:


The Internet is eagerly anticipating Drake's response to Pusha T. Drake also has an album scheduled to come out in the very near future. And despite Pusha grabbing the most headlines right now, Drake is still DOMINATING the Billboard 100 charts. His “Nice For What” song is back at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and “God’s Plan” is at number three.