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Drake has been lying about his relationship with his father, in order to sell records - according to his father.

Drake has rapped consistently about being estranged from his father growing up. Drizzy's music suggests that his father was an absentee dad.

Well Drake's father Dennis Graham appeared this week on a podcast, called It's The Real, and he dropped bombs on his son's alleged lies. Dennis makes the explosive statements in the interview at the 1:02:00 mark. 

When asked if he knew Drake would rap about their relationship, his dad replied

“No. Drake...we had a conversation about that also. I said ‘Drake, you gotta stop this man you know that never happened.’ He goes, ‘Dad, listen man. Just go with the flow. This shit sells records’.”

According to Billboard, Graham met his future wife and Drake’s mom Sandra (Sandi) Sher at Club Bluenote in Toronto. The Guardian states that she is a white Ashkenazi Jew who was an English teacher and florist.

Dennis and Sandi split up when Drake was just five. Dennis left for Memphis, while Sandi stayed in Toronto to raise their son. She tried to provide as much as possible despite lesser means than their neighbors in the affluent neighborhood of Forest Hill. 

In other Drake news, according to the Blast:

A woman who accused Drake of sexual assault, and was privately paid a settlement of $350,000 after negotiating with the star, has now filed a complaint against her own attorney which lays out graphic details of the incident. However, Drake's team believes she is lying about the incident, and have now contacted law enforcement to investigate.

The complaint, obtained by The Blast, was recently filed by Laquana Morris, aka Layla Lace, with the New York Attorney Grievance Committee.

You can read the full documents here.