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Drake Is Avoiding Coronavirus By Self-isolating On New JUMBO JET.

While most of us regular people are forced to stay at home during the quarantine, Drake on the other hand has other options. The rapper just revealed to his social media followers that he continues to fly across the country - while still self-quarantining.

That's because Drake owns a private jet that's bigger than most people's entire house.

Last year Drake revealed that he bought a new private jet. And it wasn't just any old jet - it was the flex to end all flexes - a custom 737 jumbo jet. 

Well, now he’s gone a step further. The rap legend has just hired Louis Vuitton and Nike star designer Virgil Abloh to give the aircraft an OFF WHITE makeover.

And the result is crazy!! Virgil painted clouds on the sky blue plane, so that it will be virtually invisible in the sky.

Here is a pic of Drake getting ready to self isolate on his plane:

For those wondering, this is what the airplane looked like before Virgil gave it a makeover: