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Drake Invites "50 To 100 Girls" To His Parties . . . Only To Ignore Them

Multi-platinum rapper Drake has a bizarre habit, MTO News has learned. The rapper invites a large group of women to a private party - and then ignores them.


Drake also invites a small group of men to these parties -l and only interacts with them.

We often see pics on social media of Drake with his core group of famous friends, typically all men, as they enjoy exclusive private parties.

Now a clip from controversial social media influencer Myron Gaines' Fresh & Fit podcast has gone viral. In it, Myron shared a tidbit about what he has heard from women regarding how Drake interacts with him at these events.


"It's very interesting 'cause I heard this from a couple different girls. When he has his parties or his little private gatherings, there'll only be five, ten guys, but they'll be like, fifty to one hundred girls," said Myron. "He'll just invite them or whatever, but the thing she said is that he never talks to any of the women there."


"But they're all there for him, just clamoring for him," he added. "That's what I want guys to put in their minds is that the by-product of his success is the women are coming there chasing him and he doesn't pay attention to them. He's more focused on the music, meeting the other guys there, the other musicians there and that's where I kind of want guys to be with."