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Drake FIRES SHOTS At Kanye West . . . Raps About Kanye 'FLOPPING'!!!


There's a new BEEF in hip hop, and it's between Drake and Kanye West. And Drake is coming out firing shots. At Drake's concert last night, he Blasted Yeezy for "flopping".

Drake was performing hit hit song Know Yourself, and he switched out a few lyrics - and used the phrase "Kanye Flopped." The diss was subtle but CUTTING. Many of Drake's fans were so stunned by the lyric change - that it took them a few seconds to react.

Drake has been low key beefing with Kanye for years now. Their beef came to a head two months ago, when Drake got into beef with Kanye protege Pusha T.

Here's video from the incident:

Though Pusha-T was responsible for reigniting the beef after taking shots at Drake on his Kanye-produced LP, Daytona, Drake has since responded to both Pusha and Kanye with a pair of diss tracks, “Duppy Freestyle” and “Behind Barz”, while also making several references to Kanye on his latest album, Scorpion. For his part, Kanye has resisted entering the fray, saying, “I’m about love.”

Kanye's most recent solo album ye didn't sell anywhere near as many records as Drake's Scorpion, which seems to be the point Drizzy is trying to make. It could have been a simple slip of the word "dropped," but Drake seems to be a man who doesn't confuse his words very often. The crowd lets out an audible "boo" when he disses Kanye, and Drake even stutters a bit after dropping the lyrical jab.