Drake dropped a new Rihanna Love song yesterday, MTO News has confirmed, where the rapper is begging Rihanna for a second chance.

The song, which is called Twist & Turn is a collaboration with Dancehall star Popcaan and Partynextdoor.

In Drake's verse, he talks about Rihanna, and how he wants her back.

Here are the lyrics:

You been missing since 2016

Squid tell me gwaan fix tings

You know that’s my decision

When she speak I listen

She swears you’re my Mrs

I say we think different

I-I-I-I see why your heart’s icy

Come baby come come try me

Who you gonna love if you run by me

Too many twist and turns twist and turns (yeah)

Love the way you twist and turn twist and turn (yeah),” 

It's clear by the first line that he's talking about Rihanna. Remember, she hasn't released an album since ANTI in 2016. So she's been "missing" since then.


Drake and Rihanna dated on and off for years. And it looks like Drake's pushing hard to get her back.

Drizzy has been spotted spending a lot of time in Barbados lately. Barbados, of course, is Rihanna’s home country, and Drake has been seen strolling the streets of Barbados with friends and drawing a huge crowd at a pickup-basketball game. He apparently flew out on his colorful private jet, which is classic stalker-ex behavior.