DRAKE DROPPED BOMBS Last Night On OVO Radio . . . He Dissed The GRAMMYS . . . Meek Mill . . . Kanye West . . . Jay Z . . . NO ONE WAS SAFE!!!


Drake was on OVO Radio last night - and he dropped bombs - on basically everyone in music.

Here are the cliffnotes:

• Academy pitched him to cancel his two shows, come to the Grammys, sit in the audience and basically lose

• Said the Recording Academy tried to pacify, or alienate him. Or because he's a black rapper they don't know what to do with him.

• He doesn't want his Grammys because he doesn't know why "One Dance" wasn't nominated or why "Hotline Bling" was in rap categories.

• Said he's proud of the collaboration he did with Quentin. He says he could name 20 people who are worse than him (having writers).

• Because Quentin Miller was managed by Don Cannon and DJ Drama they added to it and made the situation messy.

• He dragged Meek Meek Mill because of issues with Nicki created the narrative that he didn't write his own music.

• He was introduced to Quentin Miller through Boil Da and they ended up doing about 5 songs total.

• He makes pop songs for a reason. He wants to be like Michael Jackson.

• Doesn't know why he and Khaled were the target of one of Kanye's rants. Says they're good people and he doesn't respect.

• Said he doesn't know what Kanye is referring to half of the time.

• Says he really blew when Wayne rapped "Money to Blow" (drake song) at MTV awards.

• Says his character was being given less airtime on Degrassi because others noticed he was focusing on music.

• Said management of the show was upset he was sleeping in his dressing room to save time shooting Degrassi & recording. he was recording at 4/5 am and to save time going back home then to set he'd go straight to the set and sleep.

• Dre heard one of his songs and asked for proof drake wrote it, so drake faxed handwritten lyrics

•Dre invited him to work on his detox boot camp & drake took 40 with him to write for Dre.

• Dre gave drake his first 10k check. drake said he never had a check that size so he was so happy that he invited his girl down to Cali to get a hotel room & shop. he celebrated so hard he missed a boot camp recording and got kicked off the Dre boot camp lmao.

• He says he still has the physical copy of the 10k check.

• Said the Meek Mill situation made him defensive, so a lot of his

• Songs now (one dance, hot line bling etc) aren't rap cuz he comes off aggressive and defensive in his lyrics.

• Said the non-rap music made him happy & he considered removing all rap from Views.

• Says Views was influential, wasn't his greatest album and naturally he and his crew didn't celebrate it. They just moved on to working on More Life.

• Says he dropped a rap record when he dropped One Dance so people knew he was "still on [his] shit" lol.

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