Drake appears to still be holding a grudge, and on Wednesday night, the rapper tuned into DJ Spade's Instagram Live session and saw that DJ Funk Flex was in the comments -- and called him a "p*ssy."

"Funk Flex guh weh p*ssy," he wrote, apparently in Jamaican patois.

"Drake!!! Talking tuff!!!" he wrote. "(U ain't tuff nigga)" Flex responded.

Flex got in the middle of Drake's beef with Meek Mill back in 2015. Although Drake and Meek are cool again and even have music together, Drake has been less forgiving with some of the other people who got involved, including Funk Flex and even his alleged ghostwriter, Quentin Miller.

"There are 3 more reference tracks.... That n*ggas "collaborated" on!!!," Flex posted on his Twitter account in July 2015. "Also have reference of KNOW YOURSELF!!! Nigga from Atlanta wrote a song about your city!!!! You a great record maker!!! If you lie you CB4," Flex saying that e had heard several tracks Miller allegedly penned for Drake.