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Drake is very generous with the women in his life - he bought his latest girl a $50K watch. Her name is Nicole, her IG handle goes by facebynik.

Nik took to social media yesterday to tell the world that she's seeing a new celebrity man, Drake. She didn't post an official pic of his face, instead she posted a pic of the "f*ck gift" that Drake gave her.

What is a "f*ck gift"? It's a gift that a wealthy man gives to a woman - either to get her to f*ck or to thank her for f*cking him.

And Drake is well known for giving women VERY expensive f*ck gifts. In this case, Drizzy bought Nik a diamond filled $50K watch.


If Nik looks familiar, she should. She used to date NBA star James Harden, as recent as July of the year. For months she was a fixture in the front row at Rockets games. Here are more pics of her: