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Remember Imaan Hammam, the African supermodel that Drake was photographed with last month? The two were spotted all over New York Fashion Week together.

And Drake was spotting leaving her NYC apartment early in the morning, apparently after a romantic night together.

Well, that was in February. Now, just a month later, Drake has BLOCKED her on Instagram, MTO News has confirmed.

If you look at each of their pages, neither follow each other anymore. MTO News checked back in February, and they BOTH followed each other at the time.

So how do we know that Drake blocked her? Well MTO News did some further investigative work - and discovered that his "likes" still show on her page. But none of her "likes" show on his page anymore - because HE BLOCKED HER!

Drake is cold blooded. He has sleeps with women a few times and then drops them when he gets bored.

Here are pics of the lovely Imaan: