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Drake Admits He Dated R&B Singer Sza ... When She Was UNDERAGE!!

Drake is coming under fire today, MTO News has learned after the rapper claimed in a new song to have dated R&B singer SZA - when she was underage.

Drake's homie 21 Savage is dropping his new album Savage Mode later today, and one of the songs on the surprise album has people talking.

In one song, Mr. Right Now, Drake is featured and he brags about dating R&B SZA, Drake raps, "She said she wanna f**k to some Sza, wait, cause I used to date Sza back in '08.' 

It's a catchy bar - but there's a pretty big problem with it.  In 2008, SZA was just 17 years old. Drake, on the other hand, was 22.

Here are some folks reacting to the bar on Twitter:


Here's the full song:

SZA has unfollowed the multi-platinum artist on Instagram as a result of that line, which would be a clear indication of her feelings on the matter. Drake, on the other hand, is still following her.

From the outside looking in, SZA and Drake appeared to be on good terms. In 2017, they took some photos together when the “All The Stars” singer made a Toronto tour stop in support of her latest album CTRL 

SZA has yet to substantiate Drake’s claim or deny it. Meanwhile, fans are up in arms because if Drake is telling the truth, he would’ve been around 22 at the time they were dating and she would’ve still been in her teens.