Drake Accused Of 'Photoshopping' Picture w/ His Son!!


Last week, Drake shared a slew of family pictures with his son Adonis on Instagram and the hip hop star's first born made his grand social media debut in style, as reported to you by MTO News.

But according to the hosts of the Flagrant 2 Podcast, there is something odd about the pictures. According to the podcasters, Drake heavily edited the images he shared and even went overboard on the Photoshop.

So just went you thought that Drake was super confident and above it all, turns out that he's just like the rest of us - out here photoshopping images - according to Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh, stars of the podcast who claimed that Drake made both his arms and his baby's mother Sophie's breasts larger than in the original photo shared by Sophie.

Scroll through Sophie's page to see the original pic - mind you she also edited Drake's hair, to make it blonde.

Now look at Drake's pic - Sophie's breasts are clearly bigger, and so are Drake's arms.