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Dr. Phil Denies Knowing About Abuse At Kids Ranch

Dr. Phil has claimed that he had no knowledge of any abuse against the children he sent to a ranch in Utah, despite both Paris Hilton and Bhad Bhabie speaking out about the facility.

Dr. Phil recently sat down with Ashleigh Banfield, where he addressed the allegations about Turn-About Ranch's "troubled teens" facility in Utah.


"We don't have anything to do with what happens to guests once they leave the stage," said Dr. Phil. "That's between the guardian and parent. I assume if she had a problem she would file a complaint with the proper authorities or something five years ago, so I really don't know much about it. I'm not talking about this story, it was five years ago I don't remember too much about it."

Back in March, the rapper posted an eight-minute video titled "Breaking Code Silence," where she spoke on the alleged abuse she went through during her stay at Turn-About Ranch after her 2016 Dr. Phil Show appearance.