Dr. Heavenly Kimes On Quad Webb: She Don't Have No Husband That Love Her Or Kids!!

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Dr. Heavenly Kimes is annoyed with Quad Webb after Quad misinterpreted an emoji Heavenly dropped under her pic.

She explained the beef to Funky Dineva.

"Quad posted a s*xy picture on Instagram. I thought she looked great. So I posted an emoji, like, 'Ooh, girl.' Quad misinterpreted the emoji and clapped back hard. The only thing she could say is that I have a mediocre ass. Hell, bitch they got some more asses out there. And I promise you I could get one if I want one."

She added, "I did not respond. I kind of feel bad though cause I mean she don't have no husband that love her. She don't have no kids," before adding, "Hopefully, we can get past it."


Quad is known to have a grudge. She may not let go of this one anytime soon.

Quad is a friend of the show and not a full-time cast member since she divorced former husband, Dr. Gregory Lunceford. Dr. Lunceford's cheating ways were exposed, but he said he was over the marriage as Quad would not give him any children.