Dr Heavenly Kimes: Bravo Shouldn't Have Fired Mariah Huq!!


Married to Medicine star Dr. Heavenly Kimes has long had beef with show creator Mariah Huq, but during a recent video, she says she did not agree with Bravo firing Mariah.

She is also not a fan of them demoting Quad.

“Honestly, and it’s my opinion, say what y’all want to, now you know I don’t do Mariah -- but she was good, the girl was good for TV! Y’all saw that Miss Quad, y’all saw it, that she a friend. The girl was good for TV! I don’t know what Bravo -- I wish I could go down there to the producer people and say, ‘Hey listen, little producer people, let me talk to you. Do y’all just wanna ruin the d*mn franchise? Cause y’all getting rid of the good people.’ Can I give my opinion? Cause this just my opinion. I don’t want to make nobody mad or nothing.”

Heavenly added, “But I will say this. This is a job just like any job. If you come to work on time, do your job, don’t have such a big head, don’t curse the people out, you might be alright. That’s all I’ma say about that.”