Bravo reality star Dr. Heavenly, from the show Married 2 Medicine, has been doing reviews of the new show Married to Medicine: LA and she is NOT holding back. 

In a new video Dr Heavenly went in on Dr. Britten Cole, a Los Angeles anesthesiologist. - Dr Heavnley calls her a "bad mother." 

And she goes even further, suggesting that Dr. Britten his secretly in a lesbian relationship with Contessa. Dr. Heavenly said, "[Britten] would probably be happier with Contessa, but that's none of my business."

Here's Dr Britten:


Here she is with Contessa:


Britten was based in Orlando, FL until last year and is married to her husband, Mack Major and they have two children, Ivy and Mack Jr. With her family in LA for the summer, Britten made the decision to move to Los Angeles full-time to take her career to the next level.

She left her family in Orlando and came to Los Angeles to find a home and a job. She's been away from her husband and kids for 6 months. 

In this season of Married 2 Medicine LA, Britten is seen looking for neighborhoods to move into.

Here are Dr Heavenly's words exactly:

Here are some highlights of what Dr Heavenly said in the video.

~ Dr. Britten is real not reality tv real. She's not putting on airs.
~ Dr. Britten should have talked to her husband about LA neighborhoods.
~ Dr. Britten left her kids for 9 months to "find a job" in Los Angeles. It's clear she doesn't want to live with her kids.
~ She suspects that Dr. Britten may be in some type of lesbian relationship with Contessa.