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Dr. Greg Lunceford Requests Spousal Support From Quad . . . Wants HALF Her Bravo CHECK!!


Last month MTO News reported that Bravo's Married To Medicine Dr Greg Lunceford and his wife Quad were divorcing. Well now we ave some more tea - he wants HALF her Bravo check.

According to the website JasmineBrand, Greg agrees that the marriage is irretrievably broken but he's not looking to walk away empty handed. The report continued, “Respondent further denies that he is guilty of adultery committed after the marriage between the parties.”

Dr Greg is requesting spousal support. The exact amount sis unclear but MTO News learned that he wants "half" of her Bravo paycheck.

In the legal documents Dr Greg's lawyer wrote, “Respondent is entitled to an award of periodic and rehabilitative spousal support.” 

The drama all began when Quad filed for divorce on May 1. But what Dr. Greg Lunceford didn’t see coming was an empty home after his reality star wife allegedly packed up everything they owned to the left and removed most of their marital property. Lunceford hired a lawyer to force Quad to bring back the furniture to the house. And Lunceford wants his to be reimbursed for all his court costs to contest the matter.

“I desperately would love one day to have at least one child. Max being two,” Quad says in an exclusive interview with TheGrio. “But it would be unfair for me to bring a child into this world in a household where we’re not seeing eye to eye.”

The reality star and Sister Circle talk host also claims that her husband’s assertion that he has taken care of her from day one is not entirely accurate. “I’ve always been a self-sufficient, independent person. When I met my husband I was already making six figures.”

So how much is Quad's Bravo check. Well according to out BRAVO insider, Quad makes $700K annually. That's MUCH more than Dr Greg makes in his medical practice.