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Dr. Dre and his wife Nicole Young are divorcing, and a few days ago she made her first public appearance since the split. And MTO News has noticed that she looks a bit different in her appearance, especially from behind.

Nicole was spotted by the paparazzi as she met with lawyers on Thursday after filing for divorce from husband Dr. Dre earlier this week.

The 50-year-old Nicole was seen leaving a three-hour meeting in Century City, Los Angeles, and seemed to have more fullness in the rear that was not there previously.

According to reports, Nicole could also receive up to 60% of the couple's assets since the couple did not have a prenuptial agreement in place when they married in 1996. 

Here are the images of her:

Nicole walking out of court w/ lawyer - very cute shoes - PIC #1

Nicole tries to hide her new assets - but they poke out - Pic #2

Nicole is wearing extra tight pants - Pic #3

To get an idea of how much she's changed - this is what she used to look like: