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Dr. Dre Won't Have to Pay $1.5 Million To Estranged Wife Nicole Young

Dr. Dre is probably celebrating after a judge ruled that he does not have to pay his estranged wife, Nicole Young, $1.5 million to pay for her laundry list of expenses.

Dre is also not being ordered to paying out $5 million for her lawyer's fees at this time. 

Nicole dismissed her security team that Dre was paying for, wanting to sign her own, because she says that the producer has been controlling. She says that Dre said he would fire her security if they didn't do what he said. Dre maintains that he will pay for his wife's security, as she has been receiving death threats.

Young initially asked for $1,936,399 in monthly temporary spousal support, as well as $5 million in legal fees.

Young says she was an integral part of Dr. Dre's success over the years -- and is taking some of the credit for his record label, Aftermath -- which propelled the Detroit rapper, Eminem, to stardom.