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Downlow Atlanta Man Brags On Live . . . About 'INFECTING' Girlfriend With HIV!! (Vid)


A DISTURBING VIDEO has surfaced online. A 23 year old man man from Savannah, Georgia went on LIVE and bragged about having THREE STDs and having HIV. He claims that he was trying to "infect" his estranged girlfriend with the DEADLY virus.

The man went on a rant - showing alleged POSITIVE STD tests at the start of the video. Then he went on a long rant against his girlfriend who recently broke up with him. He claims that she "cheated" during the relationship.

Here is the video posted online

Then things went CRAZY. At one point in the rant, he said the following:

The man claims that he "told" his girlfriend that he was HIV positive before they got into a long term relationship. It's not clear, however, that this is true. The woman's mother has reportedly called - and is claiming that her daughter was somehow tricked into getting infected.

The man - who travels back and forth to Atlanta - claims to be bisexual. He says he contracted the virus during a gay encounter.

Here is the video  posted online