This morning the phrase "double homicide" was the #1 trending topic on Twitter. And MTO News learned that it's all because of a video - where a popular Instagram starlet described the time when she aborted her twin babies.

The video was a clip from the upcoming season of the reality show Joseline's Cabaret. In the show, a group of models compete to become cabaret dancers.

During one scene, MTO News learned that Joseline was having a heart felt moment with one of the women. The woman described how difficult her life is - and was crying as she spoke about her recent decision to abort her twin babies.

But the drama of the scene was soon interrupted - by a SAVAGE comment.

One of the other contestants can be heard saying about the contestants abortion -  "Damn. That's a double homicide." 


The new season of Joseline's Cabaret premieres next week on the Zeus network.