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Dorit Kemsley Could Be Fired From 'RHOBH'

RHOBH's Dorit Kemsley is facing the chopping block.

Producers say she doesn't bring enough to the table. Viewers have been calling for her to be fired for some time.

Dorit "could be fired" from the show, according to The Sun because she "adds nothing to the show."

"Everyone will come back to Beverly Hills which is already in production. The only person potentially on the chopping block is Dorit, who producers don't believe adds enough to the storyline anymore," the source added.

Fans tweeted for Dorit and Lisa Rinna to be fired for their bullying of Black housewife Garcelle Beauvais this reunion.


Fans prefer her husband.

"PK is her saving grace," the source continued. "His commentary on [Erika Jayne] has struck a chord with fans so if they keep her around, it won't be for long. And it will be because of her husband."

The source says Lisa will be returning but that her "time could be up soon but in terms of the immediate future, she is back."