Dorit Kemsley from Bravo's Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, has a brand new face. People online are speculating that Dorit recently had a facelift surgical procedure.

The Beverly Hills blonde used to have a plain Jane look to het. Not anymore.

After undergoing her new surgical transformation - she now looks Glamorous.

Below is a gif showing just how much her face has changed.

Look at the transformation:

Earlier this year Dorit denied rumors that she had gotten any cosmetic surgery but her fans were still suspicious...

She did respond to one of her followers who asked her if she had her lips done. She denied it, instead crediting her makeup artist for how she looks. She wrote: “No I haven’t. It’s thanks to @makeupbysamuel.”

But, here are some of the comments posted under Dorit’s picture –

  • “Dorit what happened? You were stunning before!!!”
  • “Surely this isn’t her what??”
  • “She got something done and I don’t know what it is…it doesn’t look like her”
  • “Is she not looking like she robbed @kyliejenner’s face?”
  • “Looks like… Under eyes, cheeks and lips filled. Hopefully it’s just bad photo bc she was beautiful before.”
  • “Doesn’t even lok like her wtf????”
  • “Who r you and where’s Dorit?”
  • “Oh no too much surgery”