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Doodie Lo Posts Video That He Says PROVES He Did Not Abuse GF's Son!!

Rapper Doodie Lo posted a video to social media to prove that he did not abuse his ex-girlfriend, FTN Bae's son, MTO News has learned.

FTN Bae is claiming that her 5 year old son told her that the rapper s*xually abused him.

Now Doodie Lo is fighting back, claiming that he has video proof that the boy's mom coached the child to lie about the allegations that he placed several screws inside of his anus.

"We can't lie on Alex. If she didn't do it, we can't say that she did it. That's really really bad, and you can't blame somebody for something like that, OK? You can't. I want you to tell me what happened. Start from where you were, what happened, please. Tell me what happened," the voice says.

"No, you said David did it. You said David did it in my room." 

"I was gone wait to post this but this lady playing with my name assassinating my character accusing me of committing a crime against a child that is FALSE!" he captioned the post. 

"I got 4 daughters that love me and would never harm a child in any way. She is clearly Is Sick And NEED help!!! This girl is pressed and y'all believe anything. This video is the FIRST video she made and sent to me, the one y'all heard is the SIXTH recording. She is grooming him to say this. She has been contacting my friends and family harassing them for weeks.


He said that if he had done this he would be in jail.