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Rapper Doodie Lo Accused Of S**ually Assaulting His GF's Son!! (Shock Details)

OTF rapper Doodie Lo has been accused of sexually abusing his girlfriend's son.

FTN Bae posted audio of a conversation between her and son Wesley. The five-year-old says he was allegedly abused by Doodie Lo, who is a popular Chicago rapper who is signed to Lil Durk's label OTF.

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"For the last 2 months my son was pooping in his pants it was so bad I had to put diapers back on him," she wrote. "October 1st my son finally told me what had happened to him. I'm thankful to God because a lot of kids DONT speak up because they were scared just like my son."

Here's the audio of the 5 year old boy telling his story, warning it is pretty disturbing:

She says the rapper put screws inside her son's anus.

"Once i left this SICK man welted 3 screws (that he found in my toolbox) and shoved them up my sons anus. Scared and afraid my son hid the screws outside so he “couldn’t find it & do it again” and never told me about it. He was trying to be sooo tough that he dealt with this for 2 months and it clearly was AFFECTING him. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS i would think this would be my story (“my boyfriend sexually assaulting my son”)" she continued.

Hear what she has to say above.

Here is one of OTF Doodie Lo's popular songs: