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Utah Jazz player Donovan Mitchell made headlines last week when he revealed that he had contracted COVID-19 -- and most likely from teammate, Rudy Gobert.

The NBA suspended the season after Gobert tested positive. Speaking to Good Morning America, Mitchel was asked about his friendship with Gobert since giving him the virus.

"To be took a while for me to cool off," Mitchell said.

Gobert publicly apologized to his team for putting them at risk.

"I read what [Gobert] said, heard what he said," Mitchell continued. "Glad he's doing okay, glad I'm doing well. I'm just really happy that it was only two of us. It wasn't the rest of the [team]. Neither him or I have children at home. I know some teammates who have children at home, some staff who have children at home. I'm glad we were able to contain it as much as possible."

He seems to be doing well.