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Donald Trump's Daughter IN A BIKINI . . . And She Looks . . . JUST LIKE HIM!! (PICS)


Donald Trump has TWO daughters - one is Ivanka who is BEAUTIFUL. And the other is Tiffany, who looks a lot like her dad. Donald has CLEARLY shown favoritism towards Ivanka.

Recent pics of Tiffany on vacation have leaked - and they show Tiffany on a yacht enjoying time with her boyfriend. And Tiffany is showing off her TRUMP BODY. - and it's about what you'd expect.

The president's daughter has the classic Trump DOUBLE CHIN. She also has pasty skin with some unknown red marks all over her body.

And the look on her face - well it's the same look that we see on her DAD'S FACE when he's asked a tough question.


The 24-year-old, who finished her first year of law school at Georgetown University last month, enjoyed lunch with her 54-year-old mother at Taco Dumbo on Wednesday — but that was only the start of her day.

Tiffany later celebrated the city's LGBTQ Pride week with her friends at Tao Downtown's annual Swedish Midsummer party.

Although Tiffany was celebrating with her friends ahead of Sunday's annual parade in New York City, her father, President Donald Trump, has yet to recognize June as LGBTQ Pride Month.