Donald Trump Is Paying Flo Rida . . . $1 MILLION . . . To Perform At The Inauguration . . . Is He A 'SELL OUT' For Taking The MONEY . . . Or Is He Smart????


According to multiple reports, rapper FLO RIDA has agreed to perform at the upcoming Trump inauguration - but they had to pay him $1 MILLION for him to say yes.

Here's what Radar Online is reporting:

The list of artists performing at Donald Trump‘s inauguration is growing — and Radar has the exclusive details on the latest unlikely name added to the docket.

A source close to rapper Flo Rida tells Radar he’s set to perform at the inauguration, and will even get $1 million for it!

The payout seems quite convenient for the “Low” hit-maker, who owed nearly $1.2 million in tax liens back in 2014.

Despite pulling out of his guest appearance at the Miss USA pageant in 2015 when the soon-to-be president-elect called Mexicans rapists, the 37-year-old hip-hop star never said anything anti-Trump at the time.

We're not gonna lie - Flo better GET THAT MONEY. Heck, it ain't like anyone can STOP him from taking office anyway. Might as well GET THAT BAG WHILE YOU CAN!!!