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Donald Trump Jr's SIDE CHICK Aubrey O'Day . . . Just Got Some Kardashian BUTT IMPLANTS!! (PICS)


Donald Trump Jr's side chick - pop singer Aubrey O'Day just got her body changed up. According to online reports, Aubrey recently underwent a Brazilian BUTT LIFT - where fat and other foreign substances were INJECTED into her butt.

Aubrey recently made news when it came out that she was Donald Trump Jr's LONGTIME SIDE CHICK - and contributed to the end of his marriage.

Aubrey, 34 years old, and Trump Jr., 40 years old, met while the two were working on The Apprentice. Their relationship lasted for more than a year. Back on The Apprentice, Aubrey said in a scene from season 5 of the series, where she confesses that “Don Jr. makes me nervous because his opinion means a lot. He’s done this for a very long time. And also I have a very big crush on him, so I don’t want to disappoint him.”

We wonder what the President's SOON-TO-BE-INDICTED son feels about Aubrey's new "THICK" body.

Here is a pic of her new butt

Here is another pic

Aubrey commented on her body as reported by InTouch Weekly, the singer said, "sometimes I’ll look at pictures and think that maybe I don’t look like myself there," she said in the same interview. "My eyes [do] look different or my lips look really big... It could’ve been a lip plumper, or a bad makeup artist, too much makeup, too little makeup; whatever it may be."